Marc J. Bernstein has created the Forward Focus Forum

A Mastermind GroupThink Opportunity for High Performing Leaders of Manufacturing Companies


This will be an in-person GroupThink tank for owners of manufacturing companies in the South Eastern Pennsylvania and surrounds region that will meet 5 times over the course of the year to discuss issues decided on by the group including topics such as the following:


Looking at the latest and best in technology and forward looking methodologies.


How to enhance sales, and maintain not only stability, but growth


The most current thinking in manufacturing including inventory management, lean, flow, quality control and certifications

Who, Not How

Getting the results you want by having the right people in place - how identify, attract, train and retain the those people to create your forward motion.

Exit Strategies, Monetization and Business Succession

Only you and those close to you know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. What’s your end game to look like and how do you get there


Thinking About Your Thinking

As the leader of your organization, this process helps you to identify: Where is your organization (and where are you) today, What is your vision for the future, What's standing in the way of accomplishing that vision, and What action to take today to help you get there.

What to Expect:


5 Focused Sessions  

Over the course of the year, we have 5 in person sessions as a group with catered lunch, where we take a deep dive discussion on an agreed upon topic.

Plant Tours 

Between sessions, we have scheduled tours to visit members' plants and learn about their business and operations.


Social Outings 

A few times over the course of the year, the Forum will get together outside of regular sessions for golf, clay shooting, or other activities.

Happy Hour

We host an annual Networking Happy Hour for members with an open invitation to any other owners or executives of manufacturing companies in the area.


In addition, throughout the membership, you will have access to the facilitator, Marc J. Bernstein, and other members to go deeper into any topics you'd like to discuss.


Marc J. Bernstein 

is an experienced, fiscal therapist, bestselling author and speaker, who has for many years worked in a consultative capacity with entrepreneurs.

Much of his focus has been on serving manufacturing company owners, helping them to create a vision for the future, accomplish their business and personal goals, financial and otherwise, and on helping them to see through on their intentions.


He previously co-founded the Manufacturing Advisory Group and has collaborated with numerous professionals and firms who also serve as resources to the region’s manufacturing firms.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create and collaborate in a confidential environment with other manufacturing firms from various industries, in order to enable forward progress for the firm leaders who join.


If you’d like more information, please reply in the form below with the best way to reach you so that we can have an introductory phone, or if you prefer, Zoom call, to
talk about whether this may be right the opportunity for you and your company. Even if it’s not for you, I would welcome the opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other and to take a few minutes to discuss your strengths, challenges and opportunities.


Sincerely yours,

Marc J. Bernstein, JD, ChFC, CLU, CAP

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I will be in touch with you to discuss the Forum further to see if we are a good fit.